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Friday, November 6, 2015

Referendum, Vacation Rental Ordinance and Charter Change.

It's a fine morning in Rehoboth Beach, one day before the Zoning Referendum takes place. If you have not already submitted your absentee ballot, please vote tomorrow! Over 800 absentee ballots have been submitted.

Plan to be at City Hall (fire station - 2nd floor) Monday morning at 9 am for the city's monthly Workshop meeting which will, among other things, continue discussion of Vacation Rental Ordinance and the Charter Change. Here's a copy of the agenda:

And here is a copy of support documents:

Consider writing to the Mayor & Commissioners about the issues. You'll find their emails in previous posts below. The City is trying to pass a Vacation Rental Ordinance with inspections, highly subjective language and massive amounts of paperwork, including TWO licenses - one Rental and one Vacation Rental - and the Inspection Brochure with its detailed checklist. It also gives the City the power to access the interior of your property WITHOUT A WARRANT at any time the City Manager deems necessary.

Even if you are not offended by the language today, just keep in mind that once an ordinance such as this is passed, it is easy to amend it to their liking. We think that too much subjective decision-making power lies with one person and it is over-reaching and unnecessary. As we have said in public meetings, it is a SOLUTION IN SEARCH OF A PROBLEM.

The Charter Change is also on the agenda. We are in favor of reducing the residency requirement from 6 months to the 30 days that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the early 70s was sufficient. We also want to encourage the City to allow owners of properties in LLCs the same right to vote as those who have their properties in trust instruments. The City should also allow persons with properties in IRREVOCABLE TRUSTS to vote the same as revocable trusts. We are perplexed as to why the City Solicitor has been taking this line when there is no distinction in the Charter between them.

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