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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Zoning Changes Are Coming; Kiss Your Property Rights Goodbye & Watch Your Property Values Plummet.

On Monday, July 6, at 9 am the Mayor & Commissioners of Rehoboth Beach will be meeting to continue the discussion on Zoning and Pools. This includes reduction of home size to 2500 sf if you want a pool due to increased green space and decreased FAR. This also includes increased parking for any home with more than 3 toilets (this includes powder rooms). That means:

1) Two parking spaces required for 3 toilets (including 2.5 baths);
2) Three parking spaces required for 4 toilets (including for a 3.5 bath house); and
3) Four parking spaces for 5 toilets, etc.

With this proposed ordinance, it will be impossible to build the same 5 bedroom, 5 bath house in the City of Rehoboth Beach on a standard 50x100 lot that you could build today. If you want a hot tub, you will have to decrease your house size by 500 sf.

They are increasing rear yard setbacks to 15 feet. You will be able to renovate up to 75% of your existing property, including adding multiple baths without adding parking, if you do not change the footprint. However, as we understand it, you will require permitting for anything done inside and a variance for anything done outside.

This proposal will render nearly every property in the City of Rehoboth non-conforming from inception. This means:

1) Your existing home may not be enlarged; especially if your home was built with old 6' setbacks;
2) Future renovations and additions to your existing home will be affected or impossible;
3) You will likely exceed FAR, green space and lot coverage making adding a pool or hot tub impossible to an existing home; and
4) In the event of a casualty, you may be unable to rebuild your current home.

This will all have a drastic effect on property values making it difficult to refinance your home or get a home equity loan.

We also hear that they are going to REINTRODUCE THE POOL AMENDMENT that they just unanimously voted down. They will merely grandfather in existing pools and will still require all future pools to be locked down during rental.

Please plan to attend the meeting at 9 am on July 6 at City Hall and pencil in the public hearing for these changes: July 17 @ 7 pm.

And please write to the Mayor and Commissioners by Friday and tell them to stop this madness!!

Mayor Sam Cooper:
Bill Sargent:
Patrick Gossett:
Stan Mills:
Lorraine Zellers:
Kathy McGuiness:
Toni Sharp:

Or call City Hall: 302-227-6181 and speak to them.