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We are committed to transparency in our local government and informing, engaging and empowering all citizens of Rehoboth Beach.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Unintended Consequences of Proposed Zoning Ordinance.

The unintended consequences of the very, very flawed new zoning ordinance that the Rehoboth Beach Mayor and Commissioners will be voting on this Friday, July 17 at 7 pm at City hall are many.

In an effort to squeeze out the building of pools entirely, the city has a new ordinance pending which will be voted on on Friday which will have the unintended effect of creating mini-parking lots where trees should be or worse: large boxes with no character and only 3 bathrooms that will house many people and attract a different tenant mix. The result will be lower property values, more vacationers going elsewhere, less charm and parking based on toilets: one additional parking spot for every toilet over 3.

Almost every single property owner will immediate become non-conforming, including and especially those grandfathered in to old zoning. You may also be unable to expand, add on or change at all! People need to understand these changes and their potential impact.

The Save Our City people are perpetuating a fear that every person buying a lot in Rehoboth is a Realtor, a Communist or worse and they all have a single goal of ruining Rehoboth. This is bunk.

The majority of people buying property in the city of Rehoboth Beach are the same as always: they are buying second homes and they rent to help subsidize their mortgages and even help pay for exorbitant college costs and weddings. The Save Our City people should know this as the majority of them did the same and many even admitted to having multiple rentals.

Now that others are doing the same and the Save Our City folks are retiring here, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Call them NIMBYs or hypocrites, they do not want you doing what they did. They have theirs and do not want you to have yours.

Their complaints of children squealing and splashing in a swimming pool on a summer's day are nothing compared with what they have in store: downsizing homes so that you must have a parking space for every toilet over 3; eliminating rentals in residential neighborhoods or at the very least, eliminating weekly rentals. The economic impact on this city is such that we are certain that even all of their trust funds cannot make up for the lost revenue to businesses and government.